Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Bike Organization

Six Bikes in One Car Garage

Spent a lot of time researching bike organization and tried different ones . Here are the techniques that has worked for me . Hopefully you get some tips from these

Bike on Hooks

This option is good if you use the bikes only once a while and you have enough room over the car to mount the bike . Hooks are easily available and can be easily installed.

I found it ideal for some of the kids bikes that has to be stored still not used frequently

Bike Strapped ( Wheel on Ground ) 

This approach the bike is hosted in vertical position by strapping the top wheel to the shelf. 
It works well as the bike bar is now above where the car's front bonnet when parked . I also like this for heavy bikes which are difficult to be mounted up .

This I used a heavy duty velcro 
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Kids Bike on Storage racks using Hooks 

This option will probably work only for kids bikes . Advantage if you already have  a wire shelf is to get garage hooks, and you can lower the bikes and hoist them as frequently   as you want . Adding links for the ones that worked for me and bikes can be 

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Bike with Stand

Simple option for the bike that you want to use often is to have it with a stand . Side stand that takes a little bit more room to be problematic ( if you don't have enough room ) 

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